Viking workers and viking fighting

Viking workers and viking fighting

by Admin in 2017-11-01 07:30:23 UTC
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Champions of Midgard is a mid-weight worker placement game by Ole Steiness (Police Precinct) for 2-4 players and playing in about 60 minutes. The game has a Viking theme and requires players to recruit Viking Warriors; the resources to feed, inspire, and move them; and rolling dice to battle mythical monsters of Viking lore.

The components are top quality, which is nice considering that the game’s publisher, Grey Fox Games, is relatively new on the scene. (Grey Fox also publishes Captain’s WagerDraco Magi, and Run, Fight, or Die!, which Jonathan Liu has already reviewed.) In addition to a nice, oversized game board, all of the cardboard is of excellent, thick quality, and punches easily. The cards are equally good and there are a few dozen custom dice, making for a significant amount of high-quality components


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