The party game where being close counts

The party game where being close counts

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Back in 2008, Friedemann Friese (504Power Grid) released Fauna, an animal-themed trivia game which garnered a nomination for the Spiel des Jahres.  In Fauna, players tried to guess the weight, length, height, and tail length of animals from around the globe.  

Terra is Friedemann Friese’s sequel to Fauna.  Terra has much of Fauna’s gameplay DNA, but instead of focusing on animals, Terra looks at geography and landmarks.  Players identify – or guess – where the feature is on a map, how big it is, etc. But there’s a twist: being close counts, and in the end, you can take advantage of your friends who you think know the answer.

Terra received a German release last year, and Bezier Games released its English edition this year at Essen.  It will be available in game stores in late November or early December, or you can order it directly from Bezier Games.  


Terra: The party game where being close counts…

Terra comes with a double-sided gameboard, with one side using Imperial (USA) measurements and the other using Metric measurements.  It also comes with 150 double-sided Terra cards, a box to hold the cards during gameplay, and 36 game markers (6 each in 6 colors).  Some of the Terra cards have a red border: these are particularly challenging and are intended for advanced players.

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