The road to victory

The road to victory

by Admin in 2017-10-31 09:14:00 UTC
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In 2014 Splendor was released to critical acclaim, garnering several game of the year nominations and awards. The elegant play and easy ruleset made the game an instant hit and joined the likes of Ticket to Ride as an excellent gateway game for non-hobbyists.

Plan B Games’ Century: Spice Road is a Splendor-like journey with set collection and engine building mechanisms as the basis for smooth game play and reasonable game length. The nice, sturdy poker chips of Splendor have been replaced by standard-sized gaming cubes while tarot-sized cards propel the action in Century: Spice Road.

Like Splendor, the theme of Century: Spice Road (collect-and-trade goods-at-a-market) isn’t as important as its simple turn structure. Players start with two basic cards (receive goods or make a trade) and can perform one of four actions: take a card from the tableau, play a card from their hand, trade resources for one of the victory point cards, or rest, which allows you to take back your previously played cards.

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