The game of pictures

The game of pictures

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Quinns: I’m going to go ahead and stick my fork-like opinion into your ribeye reality, here-

Paul: That’s disgusting.

Quinns: Dixit is a multi-award winning game that everyone should know about. An honest-to-god revelation. That’s because where most board games test your logic, wit, or even dexterity, Dixit tests your ability to toy with the imagination of your friends.

Imagine you were reading some beautiful, surrealist children’s novel and the rag-tag band of loveable protagonists wander into a smoky tavern for a drink of… apple ale, or something. Dixit is the card game they would start playing that would get you whispering “Man, why doesn’t that exist in real life.”

But Dixit is as real as it gets, and you should have a good long think about buying it.

Paul: Let’s explain. You play Dixit using six cards which you selfishly hold close to your chest, like a poker hand. Already sounds intriguing, eh? But imagine this was a poker variant devised by Lewis
Carroll, because upon these cards is no writing, no rules, no clauses and no directions. Instead, each one features a deeply unusual, abstract, fantastical picture of something that doesn’t quite make sense.

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