Pitch darkness. Deathly cold

Pitch darkness. Deathly cold

by Admin in 2017-10-31 14:06:00 UTC
Board games

A remorseless place, full of savage, alien life forms. I am, of course, talking about Finland.

One of the strong aspects of the board game industry compared its video game counterpart is its reluctance to let powerful releases slip into anonymity. When 4X space warfare game Eclipse stumbled out of the frozen depths of Finland in 2011, it was rapidly snatched up by publishers who fumbled it into the hands of board gamers the world over.

This was 2012's biggest release, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer game. Eclipse's masterstroke was in taking a genre with a portentous appeal - claiming star systems, climbing hand over hand up a grandiose tech tree, engaging in HOT LASER DEATH - and compressing it down into just two hours using the same dark Scandinavian genius that brought us flatpacked Ikea furniture.

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