Same amazing game, now for two

Same amazing game, now for two

by Admin in 2017-10-31 14:15:36 UTC
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Antoine Bauza's original version of 7 Wonders is one of my favourite games. A clever card-drafting civilisation-building game, it's quick to explain, plays fast and the simultaneous gameplay means there's no downtime even with its maximum 7 players. The only trouble with it is that the two-player variant brings in a third 'dummy' player, which always rings alarm bells for me.

That's where 7 Wonders: Duel comes in. This time Bauza has teamed up with Bruno Cathala to create a new version of the game that's specifically tailored for two players.

Each game takes place over three ages, with players taking turns to pick from a layout of cards arranged, some face up, some face down, in a different pattern for each era. You can choose to do one of three things with the card you pick:

Build it
The card can be added to a player's 'city'. It might allow a player to produce resources each turn or represent a building that helps fulfill the win conditions of the game. Building categories will be familiar to players of the original 7 Wonders although their uses and scoring are a little different in Duel

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