Game: Terraforming Mars Position: 1


It might not be a 2 player game, but after playing it agains my girlfriend for the past months, I think it deserves this spot

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Game: Twilight Struggle Position: 2


This one on one cold war game brings luck and deep tactics to the table. And yeah, you can play the China card

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Game: Captain Sonar Position: 3


On the box it says 2-8 players, but OMG, is this game fun in 2 players as well. Does a great job at combining old school submarine fights with board game setup

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Game: Eldritch Horror Position: 4


Adventure, fighting, quests. This game has it all and it's awesome in 2 players.

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Game: Memoir '44 Position: 5


Memoir is an easy to learn war game with simple rules but enough depth to keep you fighting.

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